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    NeMus 2

NeMus 2 / Myto Plus Advance (English)

NeMus 2 / Myto Plus Advance ***

NeMus 2 is a polyvalent and innovative system for neurological diagnosis, that integrates inside all the instrumental capabilities of a complete neurophysiological laboratory.

NeMus 2, born as natural evolution of NeMus system (dedicated to Electromyography and Evoked Potentials), completes itself managing visual stimulation and integrating the recording section with an acquisition head-box made of monopolar channels, so to extend its intended use to the 3 applications: EEG, EP and EMG.

Software applications allow to make the most of acquisition hardware and to arrange for the following configurations:

The extremely intuitive user interface as well as the high computation power make Myto Plus an outstandind working tool. A large variety of basic and advance tests for the investigation of clinical EMG and nerve conductions are available

With 2 EMG high quality channels the system allows to perform the whole (needle and surface) electromyographic activities
The 20 monopolar channels availability, allows to create EP exam tests just selecting as input channels either the EMG channels or any bipolar montage derived from the 20 monopolar ones. All the studies on evoked potentials can be performed with great flexibility: AEP, SEP, VEP, MEP, P300, EP trending.

The 20 monopolar channels on NeMus 2 can be managed by Galileo EEG.NET software so to make it available for electroencephalographic studies. Over then electromyographic exams on 2 EMG channels, the system can be used for EEG and VideoEEG recordings, just working with the new EEG software and its capabilities (e.g. quantitative trends for:  CFM, Burst Suppression, Spectral and e DSA).

NeMus 2, integrating the 3 applications EMG, EEG, EP, gives an answer to that customer that require to have just one instrument for the 3 different exam types, working with its characteristics of compactness, flexibility and high hardware performances.

Only one device  for multimodal applications!

only one small and light device integrates inside both the recording section for EMG-EEG-EP exams and the stimulation section (electrical acoustic and visual)
the proper configuration of the system can be chosen to have a complete and efficient instrument considering the specific requirements

Only one database:
dedicated software can be used for EMG, EEG, EP recordings, with the advantage to use the same database from which it is possible to review all the diagnostic examinations of a patient

Ethernet connection:
large flexibility is guaranteed thanks to the LAN connection of the device to PC

  *** MYTO PLUS ADVANCE is a different trade name for Latin-America territory