TMSI software

TMSI offers its own data acquisition andanalysis software to co-operate with our recorder front-ends on Windows  based personal computers. In addition, our data can also be read by popular research programs such as Matlab® or Labview® . Finally, a number of our research customers prefer to write their own software. In the latter case, we supply the drivers and of course any additional advice that they may required. The drivers as well as the manual describing them can be downloaded from this website (under support). Our interface technologies (USB and Bluetooth) comply with the Plug-and-Play functionality of these operating systems. The use of modern WDM driver technology enables the software to seamlessly connect to the hardware, but it also provides client application developers a flexible programming base.

Portilab 2

PortiLab2 is a signal processing software package that allows data from our front-ends to be viewed and processed in real-time. Subsequently data is stored on the computer's disk for future post-processing.
PortiLab2 ships with a library of basic data analysis functions, as well as specialised medical processing tools. A processing configuration editor enables the user to configure PortiLab for a specific measurement task.
PortiLab2 is designed for use in medical environments. It provides a patient data manager that allows storing measurement data together with patient information.
Below a few screenshots of PortiLab2:

PortiLab Features
- real-time data acquisition and processing
- multiple real-time or post-processing signal viewers for data analysis
- measurement configuration editor to configure pre and post processing functionality
- signal analysis tool library for basic and specialised research purposes
- disk management for storing pre and post processed signal data
- patient data manager

Required computer system for portilab 2


- Personal Computer (desktop or laptop) Pentium 4 or equivalent with 1GHz, 256 MB memory, or higher       

- Installed should be one of following operating systems: Microsoft Windows XP (32 bits version)


Required for real-time acquisition and processing

- Any of following TMSi interface peripherals:
  - USB-glassfiber interface
  - RS232 serial interface (depending on front-end application)

- PCI solutions are still available on request

- A TMSi data acquisition front-end with up to 136 signal channels